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Equine Bodywork



 Horses are one of the most interesting animals I think we humans get to interact with. They too need a little help every now an then, so they can perform the task we ask. When I learnt how to adjust horses and do trigger point release back in the 1990's, I could not have predicted the journey the horses themselves would lead me on. It became quite clear that they didn't really like being adjusted and poked. Over the years I have changed some of my methods guided by the animals. I now use the gentle touch for them too. It often amazes me how you can move a 500 kilo horse with just the lightest hands and  movement can be seen in the tissue from one end of the horse to the other.  

What is Bodywork for horses


I use a blend of all the things I have learnt over the years.

Sometimes I will adjust the horse, if I feel it is in the horses best interest.  Mostly the work is Body Harmony and Craniosacral and Reiki.

Touching the horse on a conscious level with a lot of interest in what is happening under the skin.

How does the skin feel?

What direction does the tissue want to move?

Is it painful for the horse?



 If you could have your horse caught and clean before I get there it saves a lot of time.  After talking to you I will do a visual check of horse to see what might be the problem. 

During the treatment I do prefer you don't pat or feed your horse. I also need you stay with the horse to see what happens for your horses sake and mine.  Sometimes they do amazing stretches and movements, that really have to be seen to be believed.

After the treatment give your horse some time and space to move around. Stand back and watch what they do, some play, some just walk off and eat