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About Me

My dad and ME on the Story Bridge


My work

 I'm offering a gentle and effective alternative body therapy to help bring your body back to a place of balance and comfort.
I'm based in Chinchilla and regularly travel to nearby towns Miles, Jandowae, Dalby, Bell, Condamine and will travel to other places by request.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for yourself or your pet.

A bit of Back ground

 Some people may remember me as "Chinchilla Natural Therapies" in the Chinchilla Arcade, where I had a "Body Harmony,"and "Reiki" practice.

Others may remember me as a horse chiropractor, attending, polocrosse carnivals, campdrafts and shows etc. I also had a regular run to other towns throughout southern Qld and northern NSW.

Over the last 20 years I have adapted the soft tissue therapy for our horses, and canine friends. 

My horse Freinds



You have heard the expression I could drive before I could reach the peddles. Well I think I could ride before I could reach the stirrup irons. Petals got her name because she had a nose as soft as rose petals and so was her nature. 

She taught me how to be kind, compassionate and have patience.



Starlight came along after we lost Petals. He was always reliable but he had the ability to make you focus and pay attention. He was the "lets get on with it type" and "you had better be sure if you expect me to try that." 

He taught me to be clear with what I want to do.



Dancer came along when it became clear that Starlight couldn't keep up with my progress. I had found the sport of polocrosse. Dancer had a way of persuading me do things his way, as he was very smart. Together we represented Queensland.

He taught me to listen with "I'm not saying no, I'm just saying not that way."

How I started

The Farm


I was lucky enough to grow up on a dairy farm. Just like most farms there are animals to look after. For us it was cows to milk, calves to feed, and paddocks to check.  I learnt very early how to handle baby animals, chickens, calves, kittens.  I also learn't how some baby animals need a bit of extra care because they were born a bit early.

 I loved living on the farm and I loved looking after the baby animals.



As a young girl I found myself looking after my mother for a few years. She had developed osteoarthritis and became quite crippled. I would give her pedicures because she just couldn't reach her legs or feet. I'd do gentle massages and rub her back to trying to help with her pain. She said it helped but I always felt I could do more.

I had no idea at the time I was in training for my work later in life.   

The Journey Starts


When I was a teenager I started to wonder why.  Why was my beautiful Dancer losing muscle over his rump? Why was he starting to let me know that he just can't do the things he used too? Why had he lost his sparkle and spunk?  He just didn't look the same. Then I read an article in a magazine about a man who was doing chiropractic work with horses. I don't remember who the article was about. I just knew I needed to know more.