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Body Harmony


"Body Harmony"Therapy

Our bodies are a living, breathing, moving storehouse of all our life's experiences. 

By gently touching and working with the movements in your body and following its instructions, your body will relax, unwind, release, and repair some of those experiences.

The release can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The repair can come in the form of freedom of movement, ease of pain or the ability to cope with your life's journey.

We don't always know  "the what," and "the how" of our body secrets, and sometimes we really don't need  to know.

What to expect

Wear comfortable clothes as I work through the clothes. You get to rest on a massage table in a position that is the most comfortable for you.


During the session you may want to chat, ask questions or you may want to go to sleep. 

After the session, I will ask you to do some gentle walking, this will bring your conscious mind up to date and explore the changes within your body.


A session usually last for an hour.